Rent a Jeep

Recreate Responsibly, Slow Down, and Enjoy the Scenery…

Safe and responsible recreation on pubic lands is the heart of our business. There is no better motorized vehicle for wandering Sedona trails as quietly and unobtrusively as possible than the legendary Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. From oversized offroad tires that spread the load and minimize tire spin and trail impact, to the availability of quiet electric mode on our hybrid models, our fleet of trail-ready Jeeps enables visitors to explore the rugged trails and backroads while idling through, not spinning tires, respecting the quiet of the community and staying on the designated roads and trails.


Sedona Jeep Rentals provides clean, late-model Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons from Barlow Adventures, in four-door models that hold up to five people, with the security and comfort of hard tops and all the modern amenities like satellite radio, CarPlay, climate control and GPS tracking for your safety. These aren’t airport rent-a-cars! Each of our Jeeps is a specialty machine to get you to the most rugged destinations with ease and comfort. Though outfitted with off-pavement excursions in mind, they are comfortable enough for road trips.


Our experienced staff can provide each guest with suggested itineraries, detailed maps, and operating instructions to safely operate their Jeep. Book in advance–Sedona is busy!

Call now to rent a Jeep! 928-282-8700

1-Day Rental

3-Day Special

3-Day Special
Great Weekend Getaway!
$885 – $1275 seasonal

7-Day Special

7-Day Special
Explore the Four Corners!
$1575 – $2975 seasonal

Included With Your Rental

Our Jeeps are new, comfortable, and off-road ready:

  • Automatic transmissions & Air Conditioning
  • 2-inch suspension lift
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Free maps and current trail information
  • Driving tips & operating instructions
  • Ice chests with ice

Details you should know in advance:

  • All Jeep rentals are by appointment only – call 928-282-8700
  • Every business in Sedona is short-staffed these days. We give our guests with appointments the time they need to understand the Jeep and the trails before they head out, so we may not be able to answer the phone right away.
  • In order to confirm a reservation, you must send us your required personal auto insurance declarations page by phone pic or email scan as soon as you request a reservation. See here for details. Note that we do not accept commercial insurance policies for private rentals.
  • In Sedona, we have a two Jeep limit per party, in order to avoid trail congestion. Weddings and special events permitted by the USFS may receive an exception–call for details: 928-282-8700.

Rental Requirements

The rental driver is the party responsible for the vehicle while under his/her control.

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Credit card in same name as driver’s license
  • Proof of full coverage personal automobile insurance (no commercial policies)
  • Additional drivers also must provide a driver’s license and proof of full coverage automobile insurance

Note: If the rental driver does not meet these requirements, the rental contract will be canceled and your money refunded.

We do not sell collision damage coverage or insurance. With most insurance companies in most states, if you carry a “full coverage” auto policy on your own vehicle, it covers you in any vehicle you are driving, including rental cars. This is the “collision” or “comprehensive” part of your policy.

You do not need an item on your policy that indicates “rental car coverage” which typically means that you have purchased coverage that will pay for your rental car if you wreck your own car. It is your “collision” or “comprehensive” coverage that covers you as a driver in any vehicle you are operating, including a Barlow Jeep.

You may add additional drivers to the rental contract—there is no additional fee. Additional drivers must also present their driver’s license(s) and proof of insurance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these requirements or anything else.