Sedona Jeep Trails

Jeeping in Sedona

Sedona Arizona offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Sedona has become a major tourist destination with over 4 million visitors per year, offering a variety of scenic trails for the novice or experienced “Jeeper.” Detailed trail maps will be provided to you free of charge when you pick up your Jeep.

Trail Ratings

“Off-road driving” is a widely misunderstood and misused term. All four-wheeling in the Sedona area is done on publicly accessible roads and trails in the Coconino National Forest. Unpaved road conditions can vary widely, from well-maintained gravel avenues to boulder-strewn, cliff-hanging 2-tracks. Here is the simple system Barlow’s uses to classify trails.

Can be done by the novice. Many sections may not require 4WD in good conditions. Roads are unpaved, infrequently maintained and are likely to have moderate grades, potholes, ruts, and edges with no guard rails.

Can be done by the novice. Most people will find these trails to be a fun adventure with some steep climbs, narrow ledge roads (plenty wide for one Jeep, but not wide enough to pass in many places), some rocks that require slow & careful ascent. The key is to take your time, and pay attention.

Experience helpful, but not required. Inexperienced 4-wheelers may find the obstacles and ledges intimidating, and damage to vehicle is possible, unless caution, careful throttle control and precise wheel placement is exercised.

Experienced 4-wheelers only. Solo travel not recommended. Vehicle damage possible, even with slow ascent and careful wheel placement. Tippy sections, big rocks and ledges, deep sand, slippery hills, commonly impassable due to wash outs or rock slides.

Staff Favorites

Sedona has many miles of Jeep roads with ample opportunities for adventure. Here are a few of our favorites.

Schnebly Hill Road

2 hours – Moderate (Rough!)

Put the top down on your Jeep Wrangler and take a scenic drive high above Sedona! This historic 1902 wagon trail features Sedona’s famous red rocks with a background of green forest making this one of the most photographed areas in all of Arizona.

Ancient Ruins

3 hours – Easy

Take a scenic drive through red rock canyons to discover 700-year old Sinagua Indian ruins. Actually go into the ancient rooms and view 4000 year old rock art. Fascinating cultural experience and great views of the red rock cliffs towering above you. Combine this with Schnebly Hill Road or the Outlaw Trail for a great full day combo.

Soldier Pass

1.5 hours – Moderate – Adventurous

USFS Permit required – click here for details.

One of Sedona’s most popular Jeep trails. A fun drive through a red rock canyon below Coffee Pot Rock and Thunder Mountain. Includes stops at the Seven Apache Pools and Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole. Combine this with Broken Arrow for a half-day of fun 4×4 adventure, or combine it with Schnebly Hill Road for a “scenic sampler” excursion.


Broken Arrow

2.5 hours – Adventurous

Sedona’s most famous and popular Jeep trail, with fun four-wheel-driving and great views. Visit Submarine Rock, Chicken Point, Mushroom Rock, and the famous “Stairs” aka “Road of No Return.” Drive right up onto the red rocks. This trail is definitely an ‘E’ ticket!

Outlaw Trail

2.5 hours – Moderate

A mild 4-wheel-drive adventure through Sedona’s historic ranch country, offering breathtaking panoramic views. We call it “just enough Jeeping” for those who want to get where other SUV’s won’t go, but with a Barlow Jeep, it’s a worry-free adventure. Combine with the Ancient Ruins for an easy/moderate half-day excursion.

More Great Sedona Trails

  • Dry Creek Road and Devil’s Bridge – Easy/Moderate
  • Red Rock Loop Road/Chavez Crossing – Easy
  • Diamondback Gulch/Greasy Spoon – Moderate/Adventurous

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