8-Hr Rental

8-Hour Rental Special
Must return by 5 pm.

24-Hr Rental

Full-Day Rental
Pick up any time and return in 24 hours.

3-Day Special

3-Day Special
Sedona Getaway!
From $585/Jeep

7-Day Special

7-Day Special
Explore the Four Corners!
From $1050/Jeep

Drive Your Own Tour!

Explore the wonders of Sedona, AZ with a full or multi-day Jeep rental! Sedona Jeep Rentals provides new, top-of-the-line Jeep Wranglers from Barlow Adventures, perfect for exploring the spectacular backcountry of Sedona and the Southwest. Our outstanding and experienced staff will also prepare you for a fun, safe, and enjoyable excursion by providing you with trail maps, driving tips, area information, and operating instructions. Whether you are new to Jeeps and unpaved roads, or an experienced 4-wheeler, Barlow Jeep Rentals will help you plan your excursion for maximum enjoyment.

Jeep Tours are one of the most widely sought Sedona activities, but some people prefer to go where they want to go, when they want to go, and at their own pace. That’s where Sedona Jeep Rentals comes in—doing your own self-guided Jeep tour is more convenient at your own relaxed pace, and saves you money too! You can drive a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for a half-day through Sedona’s 4×4 jeep trails for less money than taking a two-hour Jeep tour for two people. Our Jeeps seat up to 5, so families can really save.

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Sedona Jeep Trail Report

Saturday, May 30, 2020: Though all trails are open, weekends continue to be very crowded in town and on the popular trails closest to town. It’s also hot this week. Advice: start early, end early. It’s light at 5 am, 90-degrees by 11 am, around the same time that day traffic gets very thick on the highways and some trails, like Broken Arrow and Devil’s Bridge. If you are traveling around town midday, allow extra time and patience. Avoid trails along the Hwy 179 corridor after 10 am. #sedonatrailreport #outdoorsmarts #sedona
Photo from Red Rock News.

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More than 90% of Sedona’s hiking, biking and Jeep trails are open! We have had many inquiries asking when Sedona trails will “be open”—most of them were never closed. While some of the busiest hiking trails and visitor facilities will remain closed indefinitely, the majority of our trails, and the least crowded ones, are in great shape. #sedonatrailreport

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