2021 Rental Requirements Have Changed

  • Face masks required at stores, 6-ft social distancing
  • Jeep rental pick up by appointment only – call or book online on advance!
  • Send in rental documents in advance

Walk-ins will not be accepted.  Guests must make a Jeep rental appointment by calling: 928-282-8700or book online.

In order to continue to protect those who are unvaccinated or have other health issues, face masks are required at our Jeep rental stores for the time being. The recommended spacing of minimum 6-feet of distance will also be honored in all possible circumstances.

Please send us your required documents (driver’s license and auto insurance information) by phone pic or email scan as far in advance as possible of your reservation to minimize your check-in time. See here for details.

In Sedona, note that we have a two Jeep limit per party, in order to avoid trail congestion. Weddings and special destination permitted events may receive an exception–call for details: 928-282-8700.

Stay safe and have fun!

1-Day Rental

Full-Day Rental
Pick up any time and return in 24 hours.

3-Day Special

3-Day Special
Sedona Getaway!
From $585/Jeep

7-Day Special

7-Day Special
Explore the Four Corners!
From $1050/Jeep

Drive Your Own Tour!

Explore the wonders of Sedona, AZ with a full or multi-day Jeep rental! Sedona Jeep Rentals provides new, top-of-the-line Jeep Wranglers from Barlow Adventures, perfect for exploring the spectacular backcountry of Sedona and the Southwest. Our outstanding and experienced staff will also prepare you for a fun, safe, and enjoyable excursion by providing you with trail maps, driving tips, area information, and operating instructions. Whether you are new to Jeeps and unpaved roads, or an experienced 4-wheeler, Barlow Jeep Rentals will help you plan your excursion for maximum enjoyment.

Jeep Tours are one of the most widely sought Sedona activities, but some people prefer to go where they want to go, when they want to go, and at their own pace. That’s where Sedona Jeep Rentals comes in—doing your own self-guided Jeep tour is more convenient at your own relaxed pace, and saves you money too! You can drive a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for a half-day through Sedona’s 4×4 jeep trails for less money than taking a two-hour Jeep tour for two people. Our Jeeps seat up to 5, so families can really save.

Click here for more info and additional rental options.

Sedona Jeep Trail Report

9 hours ago

Sedona Jeep Rentals
Morning appointments only, all week.
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Stage II fire restrictions are now in effect–this is serious! Please follow these restrictions:1. No campfires at all. No charcoal. Only gas stoves that have an on/off capability. 2. No smoking except in enclosed spaces or developed areas clear of any grass or brush. 3. No welding (yeah, that has to be said), no chainsaws, no target shooting. More details from the Coconino National Forest website: www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/FSEPRD920159.pdf…The following acts are prohibitedwithin all National Forest System lands within theCoconino National Forest, Coconino and Yavapai counties, Arizona.1. Igniting, building, maintaining, or using a fire, including charcoal and briquettes.36C.F.R. § 261.52(a).2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, orwhile stopped in an area at least three (3) feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of anyflammable material. 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(d).THE FOLLOWING ACTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM 9:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M.:3. Operating a generator, chainsaw or other equipment powered by an internal combustionengine for felling, bucking, skidding, processing, road building and woodcutting duringindustrial operations or firewood gathering capable of igniting a fire. 36 C.F.R. §261.52(h).4. Using an explosive. 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(b).5. Blasting, welding, or operating any acetylene or other torch with an open flame.36 C.F.R. § 261.52(i).EXEMPTIONSPursuant to 36 C.F.R. §261.50(e), the following persons are exempt from the provisions in thisOrder:1. Persons with a written Forest Service authorization specifically exempting them fromthe effect of this Order.2. Persons using a stove or grill that is solely fueled by pressurized liquid petroleum orpressurized liquid petroleum gas (LPG) fuels.3. Persons operating generators with an approved spark arresting device in an area thatis barren or cleared of all overhead and surrounding flammable materials within 3feet of the generator.4. Any Federal, State, or local officer, or member of an organized rescue or firefightingforce in the performance of official duty
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5 days ago

Sedona Jeep Rentals
We are excited to announce our first Jeep Wrangler #4xe in rental service! Welcome #elektrabarlow to the fleet! She is a #PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid), with 375 hp, and 470 lb-ft torque. Run silent on the trail, or just enjoy the power and fuel economy. It’s a hybrid, so you just drive it. Put gas in it when you need, plug it in if you want 25 miles of pure electric range. We leave them in Hybrid mode and let the Jeep utilize the most effective and efficient combo for current driving conditions. She is all Jeep, and an Unlimited Rubicon, with 2-inch Mopar lift and 35-inch Falken Wildpeak MT’s. #sedonajeeprentals #barlowadventures
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